Month: July 2017

How To Pick Up Women ? Social Proof

You know I think one of the most underestimated tools men can use to close the deal is choosing and developing a scene that women find ultimately attractive. If you think about it, who are the guys you know that consistantly pick up women without trying? Am I right in saying it’s usually the guys who not only have a lot of friends but also look amazingly confident within their group?

From Experience

I have a friend who less than a year ago struggled with women. For some reason he had no problem talking to them, and when I say ‘them’ I mean 8-10’s, yet unbelievably he NEVER was able to take his relationship with them to the next level. He was ultimately…always THE FRIEND!

But then something happened. He started hanging out with a new crowd that dressed differently and who I and many others regarded as having quite a high social status. Previously my friend did more of his own thing, hanging out with his friends every now and then, also obtaining any female interaction he could, even if there was no possibility of a chance sexual encounter.

Here’s what happened. He went from not kissing a girl for almost two years to shagging one day in and day out for 6 months. Now broken up, he’s continued his success using what I believe to be the most powerful tool at any man’s disposal…SOCIAL PROOF.


Now my friend always had a sixth sense when it came to fashion, so that was never an issue. What he did change drastically was his attitude towards women. Instead of treating them like princesses, he started treating them like his servants, who would do well to get close to him. He literally became the king.

His social status became prevalent and his new friends now showed huge respect towards him. In the eyes of the women associated with his circle of friends, he must have looked like quite a catch, someone who they believe once getting with, would help to increase their own reputation amongst their friends.

My Experience

You know looking back on it, I felt an immediate attraction towards his newfound group of friends, even though I had very little in common with any of them, great bunch of people nonetheless. Therefore I decided that it would be a good idea to go out with them a couple of times and see if I could exploit their massive degree of social proof onto myself, but when I tried just made me feel awkward and out of place. Better luck next time I guess…

It was from this experience though that I realised there is a place for everyone and unfortunately this one just wasn’t right for me. The lesson I did learn however, was the amazing strength of attraction that could be gained from being APART of a group with a level of social status that is appealing to women. I think in my friends case the attraction mostly involved a great sense of fashion that in their eyes and the eyes of everyone around them seemed somewhat appealing.

Moreso was his own affinity with this new group of people, ultimately making him feel totally confident in his own presence, which in the end helped to greatly boost his self esteem, leading to a greater attraction from the girls he now comes into contact with. Good thing to think about!