Clever Planning And A Step By Step Approach To Reaping Rewards With The Law Of Attraction

We’re brought up to do clever planning to get what we want in life. We make realistic goals, and plan step by step approaches to meet them. Obstacles are observed, and more clever planning occurs to help us navigate through or around them. And we are using the law of attraction in those activities.

According to that Law, all that we want is being created and is just waiting for us, it’s humming, buzzing, blazing, a frequency (or two, or three, or ten) away.

Bashar (TM) says that we don’t have to create our own reality. Everything is already created – we just have to get into the frequency of it. It’s there!

Whichever way it’s possible, it seems it is US – our end of things that is not in the picture. We learn about how to manifest what we want, and we understand the mechanisms, but – – – ?

What about our bad feelings that return again and again sometimes for a reason and sometimes for no reason? How can you turn into the flow of all good things when you just feel stuck?

Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, our favorite music and friends all help. We can get off that stuck point.

Then what if you discover you’re not off it? You were merely distracted.

There are more focused energy activities that you can do, that you can learn to do quickly, quietly and efficiently, that help you turn into the flow. As Abraham-Hicks says it, you’re not trying to paddle upstream, but you’re going downstream. No resistance.

I think the secret to The Secret is that it’s very simple. Too simple for our achievement/problem solving type of intellect, convoluted education process, and “the best toys” consumer mentality.

Not that there is anything wrong with any of those things unless they are taking us away from our being able to vibrate with what we want, instead of being several frequencies away.

Incorporate your progress toward feeling good enough to feel WITH the vibe of the outcomes you want, into your clever planning and step by step approaches toward realistic goals. Realistic being whatever it is you dearly want, all goodness beyond belief, for everyone.